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Yeah. I Beleive There's a PRESSURE COOKER in Those Packs

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  • I own a pressure cooker- and it would fit in those backpacks.

    In addition, we now have tons of eyewitness testimony. You're barking up the wrong tree.

  • I mean, it could, couldn't it? Or are you normally so righteously angry about the authorities that flattening your brother with a boosted SUV, and hiding in a boat &c seems reasonable?
    Sure, I can buy your point in a "let there be a proper trial" sense, but to try to cast last week as "these two brothers was minding their own business, eating some tuna sandwiches" is kinda rich.
    • C'mon. Rampage? Where?

      The only rampage was Troops and SWAT.

      Two snipers terrorized Washington DC for THREE WEEKS in 2002. There was less martial law.

  • 3-quart pressure cooker is smaller than a stack of 4 engineering textbooks. []

    Now, my question is: a pressure cooker filled with black powder and ball bearings would be damn heavy, and the photos don't show any particular straining in the men's gaits. But, these are strong young men, athletes, so I guess it's possible they could carry the packs withou

  • No evidence at all.

    Just that they were seen on video dropping off a backpack at the scene of the bombing shortly before the bomb went off.
    Seen not reacting to the bomb explosion itself when everyone around did.
    Getting involved in a high speed chase where they threw explosives out of the car
    Older brother had explosives strapped to his chest
    Younger brother indicated that older brother was one who directed the plot.

    Nope, no evidence at all. And this is all that has been sent to the media. There is likely more

    • Right. What's your source?


      They supposedly whacked a 7-11, too. It was "fact" for two days.

      • Oh dear, God, seriously? So we don't have access to the evidence at this point. Of course you don't. There is this thing called a trial where evidence gets presented. It isn't the government's job to give you all of the evidence in a made for TV movie.

        Wait until the trial, then all of the evidence gets presented. Then make your judgement.

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