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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Continuing my burning bridge 9

It's amazing what a man can see by the light of a burning bridge.
I've often laughed at The slippery slope argument, but hearing on the news this morning about a significant group of psychiatrists who want to remove pedophila from the DSM (like they did 40 years ago with homosexuality) I now have to admit that political slippery slopes are real- and proven by 40 years of experimentation.

It is truly amazing what a man can see by the light of a burning bridge.

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Continuing my burning bridge

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  • ... then you don't know understand the mentality of modern psychiatry.

    There is already a significant societal impetus to normalize both pedophilia and infanticide, and it won't stop there.

  • I see a unification of thought on the Left whereby the the human spirit, individuality, and liberty are crushed.
    People are reduced to a giant slab of meat by notions such as ObamaCare, and all must bow to a Holy Spreadsheet.
    Hedonism is substituted for liberty to help sell the lie. Stand by for normalization of polygamy and bestiality.
    • Materialism is the end game, sexual libertineism the method? Interesting thought, but I don't see the left as being motivated by the same sins as the right.

      • The Left is intellectual destruction.
        • So is the right, sadly. Fiscal libertinism is just as much denial of wisdom and spirituality as sexual libertinism. But I think the end game is different. The end game of Fiscal Libertinism is indeed materialism- the centralization of ownership for the purpose of making large amounts of wealth off of the backs of consumers and cheating the working class out of their wages through various forms of fraud. But the end game of Sexual Libertinism is far worse- a war between the sexes where the women are en

          • Fiscal libertinism is just as much denial of wisdom and spirituality as sexual libertinism.

            Are you attacking private property or redistribution of wealth here?
            The purported endgame of Progress is that all should live an idyllic Utopian childhood in the loving arms of the State.
            The reality of Progress is Detroit.

    • I think it's all melting pots. The Right wanted an America of blended cultures and assimilation and access to (economic) opportunity and a common language. A social and economic melting pot. The Left opposes those, as we know, because it can stand in the way of what they seek and were building, a political melting pot, where everyone adopts the common, prevailing political culture. Because the former means power for that individual, but the latter means power for the (p0wned) collective.

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