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Journal bsharitt's Journal: The New Site 13

I think the new site is turning out nicely. The still aren't any comments yet, but I do have one member. Since it is early on, I'm trying not to post to much stuff that gets on Slashdot (unless I find it really interesting) so I can at least attain my own identity first.

Now that I've been using it for a couple of days, PHP-Nuke is starting to grow on me, so I may just keep using it, although it still needs some changes.

Since PHP-Nuke has the framework for banner advertising built in, I'm thinking of dump my old advertising structure. It was Linkshare and I only got paid by commison. Now I just need to work out a payment rate. Since I can manage the number of impressions down to very small numbers I hope to offer ad space to small sites or small software companies and opensource projects for a low cost. Now I just need a reasonable rate, any suggestions?

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The New Site

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  • Could you delete my UID so I can sign back up? I think the system sends the cookie when you activate your account...and I did that in a differnt browser. Do over! =p
    • That's odd, I've been able to sign in in IE, Mozilla, and Safari. You might have signed up at a bad time, I guess you can try again.

      • =/

        Hey, another go! hehe

      • Bleh, it's still not working with the newest version of Safari, and the trial with validifying my UID with Saf...dunno what the problem is. The cookie is there, but it's a no-go...
        • Now this is really odd. I started a whole new account to check to see if maybe mine worked better being an administrator account but the new one still worked fine. Have you done anything special to Safari? I'll get rid of your account one more time and create you one myself and email you your password and everything.

          • Heh, thanks dude.

            Naw, I'm running a clean install of Safari Beta 2 now...nothing funky. The only thing I can think of is that I'm behind a proxy, though how that would effect it I'm not sure. Course all that will be changing once I switch ISPs. And dammit I want this to work; it could rock.

            • I hope it works. If I can't get my first members account to work, things don't look to good for the future.

              • w00t, it worked!

                Weeeeee! Thanks dude!

                • Now it I could that elusive second member :-)

                  • By the way, have you visited the using Windows, Linux, or AIX, or at least a browser claiming to be them? I'm trying to see how many different users I've had. I know I have close to 700 Mac/PPC, but it counts my administrative visits.
                    • I've only been on using IE on mac (once) and Safari the rest of the times. It should only be reporting Safari's user agent. *shrug*.

                      Certanly not Windows or AIX heh.

                    • Okay just checking. I think Safari is counted as Netscape.
                    • Actually, safari's User Agent reports as so:
                      "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/74 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/74"

                      I love how it's "KTHML, like Gecko". Just in case ya didn't know what KHTML is, hehe.

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