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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: My streak *might* finally be broken... 3

I submitted a story this morning, and it is showing up "green" in the firehose. After having every single one of my submissions declined for years now - many of which were published a day or two later when submitted by someone else - I might finally get a story on the front page. That said, if it does make the front page it will be here on slashdot more than 6 hours after it was on google plus, but at least it will have made it.
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My streak *might* finally be broken...

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  • So did it go up?

    • So did it go up?

      Surprisingly enough, it did. First new story from my submission in at least a couple years. Unsurprisingly it was followed by all sorts of comments from people who see the Wii as a terrible console because it can't play Halo 7 at 500fps.

      • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

        bit of a pain to find. Here it is [slashdot.org]. The link on your user page that I saw is only to the 'submission' version, not to the published version.

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