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Journal fifedrum's Journal: who the hell am I?

Name: Barlow, Kenneth A.
DOB: 12/1970
Prefered name: Ken
Maried to Christine since 6/1997.
Chilluns: Robert 4/2000
                    Madeline 10/2001
                    Amelia and Meredith 4/2003
Hobby: Fife and Drum, run a webserver, director of and fifer in The Excelsior Brigade Fife and Drum Corps. Drummer in CA Palmer Fife and Drum Corps. Member Company of Fifers and Drummers.
Job: Unix SA
Former Jobs: too many
Height: 6'
Weight: 2-much ;-)
Family: lots

The twins were a surprise, didn't expect them, but glad they appeared nonetheless. They aren't sleeping overnight (as of 6/2003), but I expect they'll be in the 8 hour a night range before too long. Robby and Maddie are great kids who have a love of life that never stops amazing me. Robby is a picky eater who surprises us with his weird tastes like cream cheese and is very sensitive disliking any violence around him unless he's the one perpetuating it. Madeline is a sweet little girl who has a great appetite and sense of humor.

Both of the older kids learned to talk at a young age speaking whole words and concepts by their first birthday. By 18 months they were able to speak in sentences and make themselves understood. Of course, they never stop talking.

The Twins, Meredith and Amelia are just starting to learn to smile and respond to faces in an obvious way. People have a hard time telling them apart, but they aren't identical nor do they really look much like each other. With the trained eye, you can tell them apart quite easliy without having to resort to guessing. (not that they would care if you guessed at their names) Amelia has darker hair, Meredith has red hair. Meredith's face is rounder, Amelia's is longer. Meredith's ears are smooth and round, Meredith's have a few bumps in them (like her mother's ears).

They both share similar personality traits, and just when you think you're getting to know them, they show you more as they grow. I have to keep reminding myself that they're babies and aren't settled into a pattern.

Fife and Drum is a great hobby. You can attend reenactments, be the center of attention, play excellent music and have strong fore-arms... our corps supplies first-class uniforms and instruments. This is quite unusual for a reenacting/living history organization. Usually, the individual is responsible for building the uniform and the corps merely functions to bring people together. In our case, we're a working marching band as well as a reenactment fife and drum unit.

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who the hell am I?

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