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Journal guttentag's Journal: Dice employee Dawn Kawamoto's accepted Slashdot stories 4

Dawn Kawamoto is a "Dice news" employee who "submits" articles that are accepted by Slashdot editors because she works for their parent company.

I'll be keeping track of how long Dice keeps posting stories by its own employees.

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Dice employee Dawn Kawamoto's accepted Slashdot stories

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  • If this was evidence these allegations were true I would rate it +1 interesting. But -1 troll seems appropriate otherwise. Too bad there's not a +1 Troll.
  • Well she's not very good at keeping the association quite .. ref []
  • The first article is a shill for an industry that would dearly love to be able to treat developers poorly. If they can get a whole ton of developers from other countries who are dependent on their employer's good will to even stay here they can lower the standards by which they treat all their employees.

    Additionally, of course, it means that the elites can continue to let the US education system slide into uselessness and unaffordability because they can find some other country's education system to parasit

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