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Journal BoneFlower's Journal: Funny story

Disclaimer- The below is parody. Not serious. None of this ever actually happened, nor is it meant to suggest how the individuals mentioned would actually behave in real life. And to those of you who need a disclaimer like this to put the below into a proper context, where were you when they handed out brains?

Press Release: Linux and *BSD to merge

Linus Torvalds and the heads of the *BSDs have announced a code merge.

From Linus "The new LSD operating system has the unique ability to directly interface with your mind, and customize itself to your own thought patterns. Don't like the CLI? Use a FPEI[Fluffy Pink Elephant Interface] instead."

VisionTek is the first hardware vendor to sign onto the project. CEO Frank Taylor announced:
"We have developed a new multimedia technology based on our experience building cards based on the legendary GeForce GPUs. This display technology is especially good at 'glowy' things, far superior than any other technology. In a nod to our line of GeForce implementations, but singnaling the new technology, we are calling this new multimedia architecture 'Ecstacy'. In combination with the new LSD operating system, you will truly see the world as you never have seen it before. In addition to the enhanced visual experience, it also drastically enhances music, especially electronic types... where did my pacifier go?"

Editors note: Shortly after this press release armed DEA agents were seen hauling off Mr Torvalds and Mr Taylor to an undisclosed location. It is not known if theses events are connected.

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Funny story

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