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Journal Sentry21's Journal: Side Note 4

So I'm bored. Maybe I can't start a trend by posting porn in my journal, and I won't get fans by just having a chick-sounding name. But hey, let's start an experiment.

To Gerhard, Bethanie, and anyone else who reads this or gets pointed here, I have a task for you: add Anonymous Hero to your friends list. Why? I dunno. He has no posts, no fans, no friends. So why not give him some? A little silly, I know, but he's a hero, and though we may never know his identity, I think we should show our appreciation for all he's done for us, whatever that may be. So add him. And post in your journals for your fans to add him. And have them post in theirs. Will they? Who knows? But why not? It's not harming anyone, and we have that nice link to make it easy for people. So hey, if you're game, let's see how many people we can get on his fans list. He's been around a long long time, it's time someone said 'thank you'.


PS: Curiously, I don't seem to show up on his fans list. Odd. Oh well. Maybe this won't work after all. Maybe I just don't count.

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Side Note

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  • No skin off my butt. I don't particularly see the point, but OK. I'm game.

    How interesting that you're not showing up on his "fans" list. But when I looked at his Relation to me, you showed up as one of my friends who considers him a friend... What a fascinating glitch! Maybe you really DON'T count, Dan! :-)


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