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Journal Lord_Slepnir's Journal: Slashdot Game 6

I had an idea rescently. It's called the Slashdot Game. It works like this. Everytime you get one of the following posts, you get the appropriate number of points. If enough people start playing, I'll keep a running total in my journal

Anti-Macintosh post modded to +5. Article must be on, but not main page: 7 points.
Pro-Microsoft post modded to +5: 1 point
Anti-Linux post modded to +5: 2 points
Pro-Linux post modded to -1: 3 points
+5 troll post: 10 points

If you can think of more, respond with your suggestion

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Slashdot Game

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  • At least a -2 Pro Linux comment...?
  • Pro-linux posts (Score:3, Insightful)

    by coupland ( 160334 ) * <> on Monday June 09, 2003 @02:06PM (#6152418) Journal
    I don't think the "Pro-linux post modded to -2" rule would work because you could easily skew the results:

    "Linux is great, I love it, everyone should use it, it ownx0rz you. Bill Gates is a fag, mod me up!"

    Technically that meets your criteria and would get modded down instantly. I think your rules need to be based on modding up unpopular topics, because anyone can write a post that will be modded down. It would be cool to add a +1 point modifier for any of the above posted as an AC but is there a way to verify who posted the original? I suppose not...
  • Karma is how you keep score. This is why /. is so popular.
    • my point is that any moron can hammer out an 'insightful' pro-linux or anti-microsoft post. This is a way of rewarding people who go beyond and above for more challenging posts. What is harder: A +5 insightful post that claims microsoft is an evil empire, or a +5 Troll slamming apple in the apple forums.
  • This is much more complicated than the previous version.
  • Comments on specific topics aren't too hard to get modded up or down, provided you do it with a bit of skill.

    What's *really* hard:

    • +5, Troll
    • -1, Informative
    • -1, Insightful
    • +5, Offtopic

    They can all be done. Now go do (I'm more of an ideas rat)

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