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Journal forged's Journal: More 419 scams

I am an optimist and I keep hoping that if everyone was doing like me, spammers would just stop. But they don't. Anyway.. Here's my standard answer to 419 emails:

Not interested, but thank you.

On the other hand, you may be interested to hear that I have quite a subsequent backup to perform on our system (/dev/random seems to be the largest file or all) and I am asking volunteers all over the internet to help me keep a small portion of my backup for me.

You see, if everybody keeps a few megabytes then I can with no problems store my huge files simply by asking you (among others) to take care of a small quantity.

You do not need to do anything, the transfer will commence automatically and very soon. If you are not interested in helping me backup my files, can you then email 'unsubscribe' to uce@ftc.gov.

Kind regards.

I do send /dev/random to these guys, in chuncks of 32K all the way up to 4MB. Some of them make it, some don't. It's like playing tennis :-)

I haven't had an answer to any of these emails, but who knows. Also, sending multiple big files is a good way to sort out which email accounts are active (mail delivered) and which are bogus or abandoned (delivery failure -- mailbox full). I sit on a fat link and have tons of disk space so bouncing multi-MB emails around isn't really a problem here.

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More 419 scams

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