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Will someone please tell me what the appeal is of these blogs? Why do people feel the need to share their innermost thoughts and feelings with the whole world? Who reads blogs besides maybe their close friends or family? I don't get it. Update: I'm not anti-blog per se, I just really want to know what people see in them.
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Is this thing on?

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  • Because people are morons! :) It's as simple as that. The other thing I don't get, what the hell is "Blog" ?... Did someone rename "Personal website" to "Blog" ?

    SO LAME!
  • I clicked the link on your sig, and as a result you got a reader of your anti-blog-blog-post, so i think i answered your question. curious people... damn i gotta stop reading sigs
    • I never said I was anti-blog. I don't understand it, but unlike the poster above I'm not out calling people morons for having blogs. Big difference there.

      So again, why do people use blogs?

  • I just started using the slashdot journal as my public blog. I'm interested in doing this because I keep a journal at home, and it's convenient to be able to write something from work. I could just email myself, but as you mentioned, I have started giving my journal url [] to my friends and family.

    Blogging is a basic way to share some parts of your life and thoughts with others. Kinda like if you come over to my house, and I show you my photo album, except that I'm showing you my journal. I only post thing

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