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Journal MoreDruid's Journal: I think I touched a delicate subject....

Well... after posting this comment I kinda feel that I stepped on some toes... I mean, it's really hard to satisfy all people, but there were some good points raised, so I proposed a different set of options... That means tying the Canadians in with the Americans, and oh boy, do they loathe that! Actually, they _BOTH_ do, but that's beside my point =). There was - of course - some more complaining about lack of options, but that was exactly my point: having the CowboyNeal option for the people that feel left out, including a good reason for being left out (forgetting about Canadians, Mexicans and the *humble apology* Penguins)
Someone else mentioned in the thread that most of the people are from the US, but as bziman states, this poll (Where do you live) clearly indicates that Europe is not lagging too far behind the US, and IIRC this poll is over a year old, meaning things might have changed. (So don't use those numbers for anything important, because like CmdrTaco suggests you're probably insane if you do). I think that's my final word on it, unless someone wants to reply to this. I guess a thing like this is a story without an ending, but hey, that's the fun of it!
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I think I touched a delicate subject....

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