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Journal skydude_20's Journal: My Anti-Tiger Rock Works!

notice there aren't any tigers around here? no troubles with tiger attacks around here? you want to know why? it's simple actually, it's because of this rock! yes this anti-tiger rock of mine! want me to prove it works? thats easy, just remember, no tigers around here, right? havn't been any tiger attacks around here, right? so it must work! there's all the proof you ever need! and if you think to want to ever question me about my rock, well then, what is wrong with you? do you like tigers or something? are you an evildoer? are you being anti-patriotic (cuz my rock as a lil flag on it) ? huh? huh???
(now just switch out tiger with terrorist, rock with laws (patriot act to be exact))....
wowwy, what fun we're having....

(i believe this was something similar out of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, credit due then)

And no, I am not liberal commie pinko wacko, but also I am not a conservative racist totalitarian either. Yes I'm independent, wait, does that mean I can really think for myself? No way! I'm an individual, yes, repeat after me, We are all individuals. More food for thought.

Why don't I(you) just become a doctor and start saving people? Why don't I(you) just become an engineer and build a brige and save a village? Why dont I(you) just become a chemist and clean up the place? Why don't I(you) just become a phyisist and get us off this rock know as Earth? Why don't I(you) just try hard, just once, in our lifes???

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My Anti-Tiger Rock Works!

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