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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Whoever mod-bombed damn_registrars rates a party foul 7

No cool points for whoever pulled this stunt =>
The cool thing to do when you don't like somebody is ignore them. Thrashing somebody just fuels the martyr complex.
On the other hand, damn_registrars and I have managed to cease talking past each other, and at least be cordial. As a suggestion, whoever it is that's packing a flagpole woody for the dam_registrars should try to do likewise.
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Whoever mod-bombed damn_registrars rates a party foul

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  • recently.

    I get a couple a year, at least.

    The last wasn't political. I said bad things about Television and Professional Sports, and mainstream commercial content. Oh yeah. I argued against packaged snack "foods" too.

    Man. don't dis Soma in this brave new world!

  • Somebody dumped their 5 point load on me also. I gave up complaining about it though. The place is now littered with more bots and shills than actual users.

  • When:

    1) You have an unusual personality quirk that manifests itself in obnoxious passive-aggressive badgering, and

    2) You constantly complain that Slashdot is a far-Right web site

    Then you're going to tick people off. Most people are naturally going to assume that #1 is voluntary and not a defect. And the 90-some percent Leftist majority on Slashdot, while agreeing with his feeling that one Right-wing comment posted to the site is intolerable and one too many, by and large they *like* Slashdot for the place i

    • RE p.s.:
      Well, at least one editor swings by now and then, and might pick up the cause.
    • I like Slashdot because comments can't be edited or deleted (yet), regardless of the content. It is pointless to post anything where that is not the case.

      • Aye, but you tea at lot of typos that way.
        • Nothing wrong with that. It can be corrected with a subsequent post. It ensures a certain stability in continuity. Imagine how a person looks who responds to a post that can be changed to something completely different. The only way around that would be for me to screen capture all my posts. Slashdot is still the best of all worlds in this regard.

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