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Journal MondoMor's Journal: Yet more adventures in meta-mod! 2

I can't resist! This post, pertaining to the "Fyodor incident" got up-modded. I was given one of the up-mods in my latest meta-mod session.

By God, you can be sure I marked that sucker "Fair".

For more on Fyodor, read the journals of Real World Stuff and sllort . There's probably even more. CmdrTaco is deleting posts. He's a hypocritical ass.

For more on my endless talk of abusing the meta-mod system, see my previous journal entries.


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Yet more adventures in meta-mod!

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  • CmdrTaco is deleting posts. He's a hypocritical ass.
    What sorts of posts is he deleting?
  • I run numerous crapflooding and trolling accounts. One of the benefits of changing this account from a douching-obsessed crapflooder to more traditional trolling activities has been getting enough karma to meta-mod, an ability which I utilize at every opportunity. I rank virtually any down-mod as "unfair." With me, it's not so much to fuck with Slashdot as it is a matter of principle.

    Modded-up posts are often as caustic as those modded "flamebait," with the exception that they represent a popular view. Po

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