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Journal AlabamaMike's Journal: 30 Day Release Delay

Found out Friday we're going to push out our release date for GA another 30 days. Hooray! It's not that we couldn't GA in 2 weeks, but we'll have a much more polished offering in two weeks. I'm very happy about this. We had a very weak story when it came to installing our observer products in a java environment. I plan on taking this 30 day reprieve and addressing those issues to my own as well as other collegues satisfaction. Also, we had crammed SSL support in at the last second, and now we can really dig in and have this feature properly fleshed out as well. The weather here has been marvelous the past two days, but I will have to say that this is hot enough! Today's high will be in the mid-80's and that's as far as I like to go. I'm really not much of a summer person, too hot-blooded. Another 4 weeks of this weather and I'll be begging winter to come back. Ahhh, winter ... My friend John said something about snowboarding the other day (he misses it) and I thought, damn, I miss you already. This past season filled my head full of good memories (which when I rip myself away from GTA:VC I'll upload some pics of.) I'm ready to do another season of said memories. GTA:VC has gotten going nicely now. I killed Diaz and took over his mansion and drug running operation. Now the good missions seem to have begun. Tonight I'm getting my XBox (happy belated to me!), and I'll probably log a little time on it as well. Hope everyone out there is getting the sunny side of fate. Till next time ...
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30 Day Release Delay

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