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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Farmers


They had been farmers for longer than anyone knew. They had long ago outlawed all but the most primitive of technologies. They had a holy text that was thought to have never changed, although it must have, since language itself changes. The books were produced by an ancient method called "woodcutting" that was an allowed form of tech.

They used horses and mules to pull their plows, used candles and oil lamps for light, and lived simple lives. On the whole, they were happy. Their holy book spoke of a battle fought long ago between good and evil, and evil had been vanquished.

A light rain was falling as the Muldoon's buggy pulled up to the barn. Joyful music was wafting out, its more than ancient instruments, or rather, their contemporary re-creations lightening one's heart, despite the rather inconvenient wetness. "God's blessing us and our crops with his rain, Jonah," said Rebekka. "Not that we're short of it, but it's welcome anyway.

"Yes, it is," he answered smiling.

The Reverend Smith was walking up as they entered the barn. "Good evening, Reverend!" Beautiful night, isn't it?"

"Yes it is, Jonah. Well, except this rain. Come over here and have a glass of wine, you two."

They clinked glasses. "To Yeshua!" said all three in unison. "Look at all that food!" exclaimed Rebekkah.

"We really did need this rain, though," said Jonah. "It was dry while we planted, praise the Lord!"

"Did you hear about the McDaniels boy? Asked the preacher. "Fell down an empty well, must have been thirty or forty yards down."

"Oh, my," said Rebekkah. "Was he badly hurt? When did this happen?"

"This afternoon. He wasn't hurt at all! It was truly a miracle; Johnnie said it was dark and he couldn't see, but he could feel someone gently catching him as he fell. His dad went down on a rope to get him. With four other men pulling them back up.

"Truly a miracle," Jonah agreed.

The tune that was playing was, oddly, a tune you might recognize, although the words that had none with it were not only long forgotten but completely obsolete. The words went

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saves a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found. Was blind, but now I see.

There were no longer wretches, no one was lost, no one was blind â" everyone could see God's work clearly.

It might have applied to poor Johnny when he was in the well.

After the barn dance, after the Muldoons were back at home and in post-coital bliss, again Rebekkah said "How I love God!"


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