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When your journal flame wars show up at the book store

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  • Nobody does victimhood like a conservative intellectual. Whining raised to operatic levels. And always, projection.

    If you want a free market of ideas, you've got to be prepared to be left on the shelf.

    But don't worry. As the University of Colorado's new hire (Hayward) shows, there is still room for some affirmative action for conservatives. But don't blame anyone else when you become victim of the tyranny of low expectations.

    • "affirmative action for conservatives"
      Affirmative Action is racism, straight up.
      What's going on is that the Progressive effort to turn academia into a brainwashing factory is eating itself [].
      After clearing the decks of these ivory tower Pharisees, we'll see a capitalist Renaissance.
  • Very poetic, articulate, etc. yet still reflects conditioned response to authority. A desire so powerful, it cannot be seen for what it is. Every experiment ever performed, 100%, on man and animal alike, confirms it.

Logic doesn't apply to the real world. -- Marvin Minsky