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Journal AlabamaMike's Journal: Possible terrorist theat in Boston?

Today started off very interesting. Well, not for the first 2 hours (which is what the commute took thanks to an SUV rollover that killed 1 person.) But once I got my car parked over on the harborside next to the new Federal Courthouse things definately got interesting. First there was the security team walking around the courthouse in all black which asked me why I was taking pictures of Rowe's Wharf. Honestly, I was only doing it for my own photo collection, which last time I checked wasn't a threat to national security. As I continued down the harborwalk, I noticed two USCG Cutters crusing around Boston Harbor in close vicinity to the Courthouse. Strange, I thought ... I walk this path at least once a week and the USCG never has a presence such as this. The plot thickened when I was walking underneath the remenants of the JFK expressway and came upon a group of Big Dig workers complaining about the FBI. Then I saw what they were complaining about. A number of men in nylon jackets labeled "Federal Agent" were milling about a work area lifting up manhole covers and scoping the place out. Anyone know if there's been a specific threat against Beantown? Is there some sort of high profile federal trial about to start? I'm thinking about walking a different route on the way back to the car now. Somewhat disconcerting now that I think back on it. If there was a specific threat, would the government inform us of such? Would the public be served by this knowledge or would it cause unnecessary hysteria? If something happens in the near future and no one was told, there will be hell to pay ... that much is for sure!
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Possible terrorist theat in Boston?

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