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Journal AlabamaMike's Journal: One Man With A Backhoe

Ahh yes, I felt the sting of the all powerful backhoe yesterday. An employee of a Big Dig contractor cut a major telecomm artery in South Boston yesterday, and with that he took out any possibility of me working from home. With an impending deadline, and the need to get some work done, this didn't impress me at all. They didn't get the line repaired until late last night. I would have gone into work yesterday, but alas I had to wait on an electrician to come by and install smoke detectors. All in all, one completely wasted day. Had it been better weather, I would have gotten out for a round of golf. My friend Jay flies in from Seattle tomorrow, and I look forward to his visit. We'll have a party at his parent's timeshare on Sunday. A good excuse for me to go out and buy some new vinyl. Think I'm going to save up for a Final Scratch here soon. I now know what channels on IRC the hard house/trance/techno is handed out in, and if I had the F.S. I could never have to buy another record. If you've never owned vinyl you can't appreciate how much of a bitch it is to store and handle. Carrying it to and from gigs sucks, stacking it around the house sucks, keeping the cat off the stacks sucks, and making sure it's kept in good shape sucks. I'd much rather have my tunes stored digitally. Anyways, did my last CVS check-in before the Beta 3 branch a few minutes ago. Think I'm going to pour me a cold one and celebrate that milestone.
Out like last year,
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One Man With A Backhoe

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