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Journal Interrobang's Journal: FKPC: Interrobang Rates Slashdot's Hottest Guys! 33

Interrobang is manifestly unsuited for this task, as she prefers the non-conventionally attractive, or, then again, considering that this is Slashdot, maybe I ought to delete that "un" right now! Of course, since this is my rating, YMMV. :)

Absent the Fairness Doctrine, A Little Equal Time Provision: Ladies, what can I say? We're all hot, in our own sweet inimitable way, although I'm probably the least hot of all of us Slashdottirs, but I hold my own.

Anyway... (Drum roll please!) Drawn from FortKnox's Extremely Famous Photo Contest's Results Journal Entry, and included with my judging notes intact, Interrobang's Hottest Guys on Slashdot are:

1) wheany The hat. Cute!
2) eugene ts wong
3) red5 blonde, beer in hand, looks like BMOC in beer commercial, a hunk in a conventional way
4) keithrussel Red face, striped t-shirt, cute
5) FortKnox Dark, cute, earnest, glasses
6) gmhowell grey and fuzzy, striped t, looks like Magi
7) AntiFreeze dark hair, blue eyes, blue shirt, cute pout
8) Xerithane conventionally handsome, preppy
9) asv108 dark hair, tongue out
10) OculusHabent stripes, blond
11) llamalicious edgy, spiked hair, red t
12) and0meda Paul Newman lookalike, sloppy coolth, red writing on pic

There you have it, folks. Ego strokes for those who entered -- everyone actually looks very nice in these pix (as I mentioned in my earlier JE, damn, we really are a good-looking bunch o' people!)

Honourable Mentions to bmetzler and glh, who look like the same person to me! (Talk about "Attack of the Clones!")

On Edit: My Condolences: I omitted several of you, namely Heliocentric, jawtheshark, siliconvortex, mekkab (I was right about the nose shot!), servo , kormoc (because of an extremely unfortunate camera angle, among other things), Galvatron (Dude, where's your forehead?), and limpdawg. I didn't feel that your photographs did justice to the amazingly handsome men I know you must all be, so I weeded them out. You may submit better photographs of yourselves for reconsideration. The rest of you may apply for Official Interrobang Runner-Up Status, if you wish. Phone numbers gratefully accepted. >;-)
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FKPC: Interrobang Rates Slashdot's Hottest Guys!

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  • Wow... you made my day. Someone adds me to their 'sexy' list :-D
  • You have no taste ;)

    Or are blind. Or both.

    • ...and I thought we'd determined that I had no taste ages ago.

      Actually, mekkab, I omitted you from the running because I thought the photo of you didn't do you justice -- after all, it sorta focussed right up your nose, IIRC.
      • I'll have you know that my sinuses have won awards!

        Actually, upon further inspection, I think that my right nostril could probably use a mow.

        ewwwww, thats a pleasant thought! ;)

    • well i managed to stay completely beneath everyone's radar. i can handle that because ?! is not the one saying "til death do us part" in august. you should quit your whining. or maybe you are just pointing out a possible health issue for our dear interrobang.

      (and please - nobody should take this as a plea for recognition on my part. staying unmemorable/unnoticed is just fine. as long as no one suffered nightmares or other trauma after viewing my h00j picture, i'm happy.)
      • you should quit your whining.

        My dear subgeek, without my whining, I am no more! Besides- it isn't so much whining, as it is self-promotion.
        • i'm sorry mekka b. it is unreasonable to ask anyone to give up that which they are. and i am unable to cast the first stone when it comes to shameless self-promotion. as a peace offering, i give you my vote as the best looking guy. then i can live in your shadow, content in the knowledge that one person voted that your picture matched my id. it was a brush with greatness. "at best, he's very interesting. his brushes with success were just an accident."
  • Not only did I not make the list, I didn't make the condolences list. I think I'll go sulk now...;) then pretend to work for the rest of the afternoon.
    • Now do you feel better?

      As I keep saying, we're all pretty good-looking from what I've seen. Don't feel too bad; it's just silliness.
      • Woohoo!

        I was just joking, of course. Really...didn't matter what a Slashdotter thought of my appearance...didn't care...<sniff>...

        OK, really, I have the love of my wife. That's enough for me.

        Do you think she's looking?


  • I will share my top five, but only b/c I don't like your top ten.

    1. shimmin (Of course... what else could I say? I wouldn't be marrying him if he wasn't first-rate...)
    2. red5
    3. and0meda
    4. banky (He didn't play, but you can sub wheany in here b/c he looks just the same)
    5. wheany

    Not that your pics are bad... I just... disagree...
    • by red5 ( 51324 )
      It's nice to know that girls I have no chance of ever getting lucky with think I'm hot. Thank you both, I feel loved.
  • couldn't enter this picture because it's already on the net and can't be taken down, and i couldn't come up with another digital pic in time. but you can have fun with it anyway. this is about 2 years old; my hair's a bit thinner now. jpg []
  • Not only is he cute in a serial killer sort of way, but, um.. all things considered, you may want to add him to your list and prevent some erm...unfortunate consequences.
  • Hey, that made my day =]

    Well, actually, seeing the Matrix Reloaded in five hours will _really_ make my day, but who's keeping track?

    I wanted to thank you for picking me!, and bitch one last time about the picture before LadyGuardian smacks me upside the head.

    I really don't like the picture I submitted, but it was the only one digitally available, so I said "the hell with it" and sent it to FortKnox anyway. See, I had _way_ too much to drink that night. My face was all red, my cheeks were all puffy (I

    • Wow. I'm super-secure in my sexuality so I can say this. For the record.

      That lady sitting next to you in the uncropped pic is beautiful. I mean drop dead, all the other girls in the room have to suddenly go powder their noses beautiful. Who is that? Is that your wife? Girlfriend? Wow.
      • Neither.

        Ex-girlfriend of my best friend. He's sitting next to her. They remained great friends after the break up (they were together for over three years).

        Happy now? =P

  • [N/T]

    Cat got your tongue? (something important seems to be missing from your comment ... like the body or the subject!)
    • However, I think you may beat out wheany for the #1 spot in my books, simply because of your adorable curl. (Ladies, it's really cute!) Do you have a neato hat like that too? ;-)
      • Please ignore the previous comment, since I've been made aware, repeatedly, that I'm not awake yet and so I can't do anything right.

        I was mistaking you for Rustin. Sorry. Rustin really is cute, and does have an adorable curl, and a radio voice. What are you so sad about, anyway? I didn't think your picture did you justice. Seriously. That's giving you more credit than you probably give yourself...I think.

        Hmm...zzzz... Ask me again when I'm not half asleep.
  • by arb ( 452787 )
    Left off both your original list, AND the list of runners-up. And after all I have done to open your journal up to the masses. 8-(

    (Admittedly it was a very bad picture that I took at the last minute using my mobile phone - plus I had the flu at the time. I guess I should try to get a better picture to show what I really look like...)
  • Woohoo. Although, I think I look nothing like bmetzler :) We both have glasses and great brown hair, great clothes, but beyond that I don't see a whole lot of similarities. For instance, I'm not into wearing gadgets, I noticed he had a walkie talkie or some such on his belt. :P

    Ok, so he's really my twin brother!

    Just kidding.
  • I finally made someone's list! Don't forget, I'm also a family man, and a biker: a perfect lady's man.

    • Peter Jackson a bit -- when I saw Peter Jackson's picture for the first time, I said, "Wow! I want one of my own to play with!" Hmm... Run-on sentence much? Oh, well, too much 'ffeine, but at least I'm awake now!

      Do you forgive me for all those arguments we had now? ;-)
      • Do you forgive me for all those arguments we had now? ;-)

        The only people I argue with more are named 'Mrs. Howell' (mother and the wife;) It's obviously endearment:)

        Some of my better friends, particularly in my first two years of college, were people with whom I had the most animated arguments.
  • 2) eugene ts wong
    Thanks for the vote!
    • I forgot to mention that I was just kidding around with the "Good Taste!" comment. I'm serious about the "Thanks for the vote!" comment.

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