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Journal mmol_6453's Journal: Real Life Tech Support #1 4

I do tech support for a local ISP, and frequently get calls that frustrate me. Some of them are the obvious "My computer has to be plugged in?" questions, but some of them take me by surprise. I'll post those to my journal as I have them.

Here's the first:

It's calls like the one I just dealt with that make me understand how some tech support guys joke about wanting psychological hazard pay.

I got a call from (removed), and was shortly put on hold for five minutes. When he came back, it took ten minutes to figure out that he was complaining that Yahoo Instant Messenger wasn't working, and that he was blaming it on us.

Half an hour more to figure out that none of their internet settings were incorrect, and that the problem was with the Yahoo software. I told him he'd need to reinstall the software. He said, "yeah, a friend told me that."


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Real Life Tech Support #1

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