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Journal AlabamaMike's Journal: Republicans Suck

I'm not a democrat (more of a centrist), but I'll say this: My life was better under Clinton. Not that the current state of things is all Bush's fault, but damn his policies really suck. The $300 he chipped to me in the form a rebate this past year was followed up by a $3,000 bill due to the actions I had to take thanks to my unemployment. Thanks for the 10% loan Bush, but next time keep it for yourself and your high rolling buddies. His policies on UI (unemployment insurance) are beautiful as well. After umpteen years of being able to claim UI for as long as you need it (for 1 year at least), he comes in and cuts it to 9 months(and that's with all the extensions.) Then he extends it to those laid off by the airline industry. Pardon me for noticing, but the tech industry was hit pretty goddamn hard too. I guess since a brown skinned person didn't fly a 737 into a data center we (tech employees) get the shaft. Figures. I hope some of those who voted for this horse's ass are touched by his pathetic policies. I'll take a president with a healthy appreciation for fellatio anyday. Well, on the upside I shouldn't bitch too much .. I did find employment again (albeit at a 40% salary reduction.) What's on my mind is friends who haven't had the opportunity to land another job in the same sector (and I've got a few, one of who will probably read this.) I believe May 21st will toll the 9 month anniversary of the layoff date. Back on my b'day I was thinking, "How many people have had to endure a layoff before their 30th b'day?" I know of one (he's not a tech worker .. he's an airport designer, but since he worked for a civil engineering firm he doesn't get Bush's providence.) Next year is an election year. God willing it won't come down to Florida again. If it does, we all know which way it will go. Get out and vote next year .. I know I will. Vote for whoever you think deserves it .. I know who I think doesn't deserve it!
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Republicans Suck

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