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Journal AlabamaMike's Journal: Sweet Success

After a solid week of wrestling with .NET and C# I've delivered my project for the guys @ Adjoin. There's a handful of loose ends to tie up, but overall I'd have to say I'm impressed with the way it turned out. Today, like yesterday, was a red-letter day for getting bugs smashed and putting things in order. I even got SSL working for my web service calls between my .NET code and our JBoss-based manager application. Considering that our Axis modules don't yet talk to JBoss, this is a significant accomplishment. I'm thinking for an encore I'm going to go home, pick up a six-pack of some good beer (prolly Long Trail or Smuttynose) and just take it easy. Definately won't be doing any more coding tonight ... the crumbs that are left I'll pick up tomorrow. Perhaps I'll fire the turntables up. It's been a while since I've done that. Matter of fact, that's not a bad idea. I hung out with my upstairs neighbor yesterday, and it turns out he's super cool. He caught me outside grilling for dinner and told me I should come up and hang out for a while and watch the end of the Laker's game .. it was close to 4:20p.m. So I definately took him up on that, especially after the frustrations I went through yesterday (See my journal on the MS documentation if you want to know why ...) Wednesday's pay day, which means Wednesday is XBox day for me (hooray!) Wednesday is also the advance screening day for Matrix II. All in all, I'd say Wednesday is going to be the bomb. I've been resisting the temptation to download Matrix Reloaded in Divx format .. I just don't want to ruin it on the big screen. Well, that's it for now. Oh, BTW, to whoever left the comment yesterday calling me a racist .. yeah right buddy ... go flame somewhere else you ignorant chode.
Till next time,
Alabama Mike
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Sweet Success

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