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Journal alexo's Journal: No more submissions 2

Update: Check the following journal for rejected submissions.

I give up. After 7 rejected stories (100%) I got the message and will not waste my time on submitting anymore.

Here are your recent submissions to Slashdot, and their status within the system:

2002-04-19 02:48:53 eBay censors discussion boards (articles,censorship) (rejected)
2002-10-01 15:25:27 Canadian proposed "copying tax" slammed in (articles,news) (rejected)
2002-10-29 18:39:27 J2EE vs .NET Application Server Performance Benchm (yro,news) (rejected)
2003-01-16 18:54:17 Viewing porn sites will get you arrested (yro,news) (rejected)
2003-01-23 15:06:34 Save the free programming resources from thefreeco (developers,programming) (rejected)
2003-05-09 22:20:55 Good computer hardware review sites (askslashdot,hardware) (rejected)
2003-05-11 16:42:58 Everyday life tracked by society's prying eye (yro,privacy) (rejected)
rejected (7)

I know that "grousing about rejected submissions" is counterproductive but sometimes I feel that my submissions just get forwarded to an autorejector.

FAQ says:
Slashdot gets hundreds of submissions every day. Every day our authors go through these submissions, and try to select the most interesting, timely, and relevant ones to post to the homepage. There are probably as many reasons for stories to get rejected as there are stories, but here are some of the more common ones:

* Badly worded subjects

Look OK to me. OK, there was one "misclick" and a story got marked as "yro" when it wasn't.

* Broken or missing URLs


* Confusing or hysterical sounding writeup

Nope. Factual al the way.

* It might be an old story

Nope, all fresh at the time of submission (48h max).

* It might just be a busy day and we've already posted enough stories

Maybe. Nothing I can do about it.

* Someone already submitted your story

Nope. Checked.

Your story just might not be interesting!

Hmmm... Check for yourself.

Anyway, I'm done.

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No more submissions

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