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Did somebody re-break the front page?

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  • They really need to just scuttle the legacy UI and try again, he said, having no idea whether Slashcode is ugly enough to make WordPress look good in comparison.
    • I wonder if they even still refer to the working (using that term exceptionally loosely) code for this site "slashcode" or if they have a different name for it. The publicly available slashcode hasn't been updated in years, such that it really isn't fair to call the code for this site by that name any more.

      Maybe they are just holding out until they finish their current round of polishing the documentation? Yeah, I thought that was funny, too.
      • Don't know, but there are some serious reasons why this site is a pale shadow of its former self.
        • Don't know, but there are some serious reasons why this site is a pale shadow of its former self.

          Indeed there are quite a few. I wonder how many we would agree on? :)

          Nonetheless there is the question that needs to be asked of how relevant this site is now. It was previously something of an aggregator for tech news, but there isn't as much need for that any more. I generally see most of this news on google news (or even the dreaded google plus) a day or more before it shows up here. For a while I was even submitting the stories I saw on google to here but since I seem to be on the permanent submi

          • I got on Slashdot (not really remembering how) around 2000. There used to be substantial amounts of technical discussion, a few great trolls (Stephen King dead, Natalie Portman, vi/emacs), and an all around frat party good time. Community.
            Communities don't scale. By the time they started selling advertising and trying to cut down on the spam, the whole thing started capsizing. They've brought in some CSS features, but the overall navigation is unintelligible. I can't figure out where my JE's comments, or a
    • by unitron ( 5733 )

      If you mean WordPress.com's stuff, nothing, absolutely nothing, not even the comment handling software used by HuffingtonPost, could make it look good in comparision.

      • Slashcode is done in Perl, whereas WordPress is done in PHP.
        WordPress.com, proper, is intended to have the appeal of a mud fence, with the idea of getting you to buy shiny themes.
        • by unitron ( 5733 )

          I don't care about the looks, it's fighting with it as someone trying to use the comment posting part that's so painful.

          Not to mention the gaping security hole that lets other people appear to post as me.

          • Well, it is certainly 'unfair' that you have a four digit UID, you insensitive clod. At least it's not a prime. ;-)
            • by unitron ( 5733 )

              Was that supposed to have been an impersonation of one of my WordPress.com employing site comment section impersonators?

              It has that "baffling lack of connection to the previous topic of conversation" panache about it.

I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.