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Journal AlabamaMike's Journal: Given my druthers, I'll stick to OSS

If anyone tells you that Open Source software lacks the documentation of commercial offerings, they're full of shit. After the previous two days of struggling with more .NET framework warts (you know, undocumented "features") I'm close to throwing in the towel. Thank god for Usenet ... for all the spam, ignorant comments, etc. it's still a godsend when you're having to fight with issues such as the ones I'm dealing with. You'd think that with the resources of Microsoft they'd be able to provide comprehensive documentation of their programming framework. If you think that's the case, go check out the public newsgroups for .net or roam over to and check out their listserv archives. If nothing else, this job has turned me onto a market that is in desparate need of a solution. Comprehensive training for .Net developers. Anyone looking for a business partner?
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Given my druthers, I'll stick to OSS

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