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Journal MondoMor's Journal: For those (like me) abusing the meta-mod system 2

I've been faithfully meta-modding just about everything as "unfair" or "unfunny" (see my reasoning here) for a few months now.

But lately I've noticed more and more dissenting comments with upmods. I certainly do not want the guy who modded a "michael is a cunt" up to lose his moderation power, so I made sure to meta-mod this "fair".

So I've changed my policy on meta-mod. All comments modded negatively (Flamebait, Troll, Offtopic) get meta-modded as "unfair". Anything positively modded gets inspected. If it's a slashbot getting modded up for "LUNIX GUD, M$$$$ BAD! OMG", that's "unfair". A post ripping on Slashdot, the editorial staff, or insulting a slashbot will get meta-modded as "fair".

It's a little more work. Instead of Christmas-treeing the meta-mod form with blanket "unfair" clicks, I actually have to pay attention. But I like to think it's worth it. I'm hurting the ability of slashbots to reward each other for their thoughtless ignorance, and those with the guts to upmod trolls and dissidents get their moderation choices reinforced.

Fight the power, fellow trolls. Meta-mod whenever you get the chance. If you don't have a positive-karma account with meta-mod eligibility, GET ONE.

To borrow a style from slashbots: "Meta-mod is a Good Thing (tm)". OMG, LOL.


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For those (like me) abusing the meta-mod system

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  • Doesn't negative M'modding fsck with your karma (hoo gives a shite) so at some point you can't to it anymore??
    • Re:Meta Mod (Score:2, Insightful)

      by MondoMor ( 262881 )
      I don't think so. Here's the bit about that [] from the meta-mod FAQ.

      I certainly haven't noticed any negatives. I've been bouncing back and forth between negative and positive karma. I only get to Meta-mod when it's positive, but no matter how much meta-modding I do, there's no noticeable affect on my karma. Certainly not as much as one of my "Michael's a CUNT" posts.

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