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Journal Howie's Journal: Listen To Your Network! 3

Peep is a tool that allows you to listen to the health of your network. Rather than the obvious beeps and burps, it does this by producing a dynamic ambient soundtrack, which varies with the activity of various services. The theory is that the brain is a lot more sensitive to changes in ambient sound, and it doesn't require active concentration for you to take notice.

The ambient sound part of this is also available in two other bits of software: Boodler for Linux, and Aire Freshener for Windows. Aire Freshener comes with a whole bunch of nifty soundscapes (Star Trek Bridge? (TOS or TNG), Womb, Busy Resaurant, etc...).

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Listen To Your Network!

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  • If I can post replies before the article is published, why can't I find a job?
    • I don't think this ever will get published. There's not a lot of doco about the journals part of slashdot (although maybe there is on the slashcode site). I was just treating it as my personal weblog.

      Actually, I was treating it a story queue for my other weblog: lesser-evil [].

      How did you find the post?
    • Nice blog. Funny (sad?) story about Renault. My car-owners-guide rant: The Owners Manual for my Honda is too large to fit easily into the car's glove compartment. If I squish the manual in half and cram it in the glove compartment, then it unfolds after I close the door and jams so it can't reopen. I have to carry around a screwdriver in my car so I can get the manual out. (Actually, Honda probably makes a special $150 "Glove Compartment Unjammer" that it requires certified mechanics to own.)

      Oddly, I didn't intend to post on your journal. I saw that the article discussion id's basically increment, so I picked a number that hadn't "come up" yet and posted my message to it. I didn't know about journals, and so the number I picked happened to be one 'assigned' to your journal. Oops! Sorry.

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