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Journal pngwen's Journal: First Entry :-)

Well this is the first time I've used this journal.
I think this will be the beginning of many posts.

Currently I'm awaiting 12:00 noon to roll around because when it does, I'm off to a Beltaine gathering. (I'm a programmer/Druid, so I go to pagan gatherings often.)

Things are beginning to look up from me. I can see the end of my long dark financial tunnel coming up and I can see that soon I will have money again.

My new job (well semi-new I started here in December 2002) is going pretty well. I used to be a systems programmer, but now I'm doing a lot of web stuff. I've discovered that employeing techniques of systems programming to PHP can make it really fly and work really well. My current project is pretty cool. I'm rewriting our titlesearcher system. The old one has become a jangled mess of spaghetti code that spans 4 languages (PHP, ASP, PERL, and DataBus (YUCK!) )

Ah, but to go to the gathering, that will be the adventure. Then I'll come back and hack some more PHP and maybe even work on my OSS projects a bit more too.

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First Entry :-)

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