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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: Adolf Hitler stumping for votes in Indian election 1

"The tiny northeast Indian state of Meghalaya has a special fascination for interesting and sometimes controversial names, and the ballot for state elections Saturday is proof.

Among the 345 contestants running for the state assembly are Frankenstein Momin, Billykid Sangma, Field Marshal Mawphniang and Romeo Rani. Some, like Kenedy Marak, Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem and Jhim Carter Sangma, are clearly hoping for the electoral success of their namesake American presidents.

Then there is Hitler.

This 54-year-old father of three has won three elections to the state assembly with little controversy over being named after the Nazi dictator."

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Adolf Hitler stumping for votes in Indian election

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  • The swastika in India is merely the sacred symbol of auspiciousness, or Good. In fact, the name "swastika" comes from the Hindu su-asti-ka, which literally translates to "to be good".

    They worship devils (Deva) there as well. There's a reason why the Hindu Kush Mountains have been a site of warfare between the west and the east for the last several thousand years.

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