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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Slashdot's "new" mobile site also sucks epically 7

A week or so ago there was a front page story here bragging about the "new" mobile site on slashdot. I was interested to see this as before they had pretty well abandoned development for mobile devices. I know of their abandonment based on a time when I wrote former site manager Rob Malda and he told me that they would not be developing for mobile devices.

In a moment of boredom I decided to try loading the new site on my blackberry (Curve 8520). Giving it four times as long as it takes to load a British newspaper page, my browser showed 0k (yes, zero) of 3k loaded. Eventually, I ended up with a blank page with only a title of slashdot.

Granted, the main page used to crash my phone completely. I guess this is an improvement in that aspect but not in any way better at actually showing information.

And yes, I know my phone is old, but there are plenty of relevant sites that it works just fine with.
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Slashdot's "new" mobile site also sucks epically

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  • But I really didn't have a good time with the mobile plugin under WordPress.
    • Odd that you mention slashcode. I remember someone else brought it up in a discussion I was in a few weeks back, and I pointed out that the latest slashcode is at least three years old [slashcode.com]

      . Hell, not only is it old but the last comment on it was from a friend of yours who has not worked for slashdot for some time.

      While I for one don't really care if they ever release a newer version of it, I do think it would be interesting to know how much of the available slashcode is still used to run this site.

      • They are at least trying to tart up the page with some CSS flourishes.
        However, the journal and reply navigation smacks of spaghetti code in a marinara sauce.
  • ...the regular use a browser on a computer web site is getting worse all the time as well.

    • Yes, it is. At work on XP with IE7 slashdot is a mess, with elements overwriting other elements. I don't blame slashdot... too much, IE7 is a broken piece of shit. However, with the latest Firefox Win7, slashdot's even more broken than IE7! Only half of the slashdot logo is visible, and when you click "account" nothing whatever happens. So I can't change the slashdot password on this machine! Either FireFox isn't WC3 compatible, or slashcode isn't. My money's on slashcode.

      Have they not seen Star Trek 3? "Th

    • ...the regular use a browser on a computer web site is getting worse all the time as well.

      Actually my experience - using Firefox in Linux - has not changed much in some time, and I am glad to say that. Indeed it generally does tend to only get worse around here but it has been quite some time since I noticed any changes.

      I will say that when I used konqueror I found that even very simple tasks like changing my account settings could have catastrophic results leading to browser crash.

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