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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Recommendation for remote access software? 4

I need to set up remote desktop access for someone to access their small business desktop PC from their home. If this was my own setup I would tunnel VNC through ssh and be happy. However that is not a reasonable solution in this case as they can't handle the unix side of ssh tunneling and any kind of wrapper for it (ie, cygwin) would be too much to ask of them. The setup needs to be simple, but secure. They were using windows remote desktop, which is not a program I am particularly familiar with - hence I'm not sure if it is adequately secure. Back in the day I used to use PC Anywhere though I'm not sure if that is a viable option as I don't know where development has gone with it.

Basically the priority is to be able to check in on processes that are running on windows PC A (in the business) from windows PC B (at home). Security is a must. File transfer would be great but there are always other ways to move files if need be.

Any advice on this would be appreciated. A cross-platform setup that would allow a Mac or Linux client to check in on Windows PC A would be great, too, but lack of it would not be a deal-breaker.
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Recommendation for remote access software?

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    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      Thanks! I was about to post a similar JE with pretty much the same question; I want to control an XP box from a Linux box and a W7 notebook and get that monitor, mouse, and keyboard out of my living room (the TV is the Linux box's monitor, have an IR mouse and keyboard for that one).

      It looks like it would probably work for d_r as well. I'd probably have found it on Google, but as it's closed source I wouldn't have trusted it without a trusted opinion.

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