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Journal Mindwarp's Journal: So I figured, "What the hell..."

So I figured "what the hell, I may as well write something for this journal." After all, my job (laughably nearly called it a career there) gets more and more like a Dilbert cartoon every day, so I may as well model myself after Wally and use up as many of the company resources as possible.

The only problem, of course, is that I'm really not interesting enough to maintain a journal on.

Well, there is the whole R/C aircraft thing I suppose. I'm currently building a Sig Kadet LT-40 in my basement. 6' wingspan and 4' fuselage length. I've been practising like crazy on Great Planes Realflight G2 simulator to try and learn how to fly it. I'm currently working on finding a flying club in my area (current favorite is Prop Masters to join up and learn to fly at. There's something that's always appealed to me about building and flying my own aircraft, and taking the R/C route is certainly cheaper (although it's not a cheap hobby, I can tell you! The start-up costs can be pretty high, especially if you're building from a kit rather than an ARF model.)

I finally have all the component parts of the model completed now (wing, fuselage, stabilizer and fin) and am about ready to start covering in Monokote. After that I install the engine, fuel system, servos, receiver and battery, then I'm ready to take my pride and joy out to the flying field and smash it into matchsticks on the first flight!

Oh well, at least the journey has been fun :)

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So I figured, "What the hell..."

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