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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: "Sex had no problem with society." 10

"It was society that had a problem with sex, as legislators and churchmen craved the ability to bring it under their control. It is perhaps odd that gay people should want to associate themselves with so overt a symbol of that control."

I have always insisted that the motive to allow gays and women in the military is a regressive impulse, not a progressive cause, whereas a progressive cause is to remove the need for a military.

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"Sex had no problem with society."

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  • On our Precious Bodily Fluids.
  • When you notice that almost all non-procreative sexual behavior has no survival-of-the-fitest value whatsoever (and in most cases, is just a waste of calories, but in some cases, can actually kill you).

    • Bonobo

    • some cases, can actually kill you...

      So can a bullet. Is that what you prefer?

      • I'd prefer to avoid risky behavior with both sex AND the bullet. I don't play Russian Roulette for the same reason I'm not promiscuous.

        • That's all fine. But nobody has a right to punish those who are. Some things should be kept personal.

          • But it should be pointed out that they WILL be punished- just not by another human being. And not in any afterlife either. Such risky behavior contains its own punishment, if not physical then certainly emotional. There is no escaping the fact that sex is indeed addictive behavior- and at the end of any given sexual relationship, comes the neurological chemical withdrawal.

            If the sex was procreative- well, that withdrawal is lessened considerably by the existence of the resulting offspring and the emotion

            • But it should be pointed out that they WILL be punished...

              Then we shall let nature punish them. No man has a right to inflict punishment on another for this. It is a personal matter.

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