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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [misc] Still here 4

It has been close to a year since I have bothered to post anything on here. I still read almost daily, and once in a great while I find something on here that entices me to comment though it's rare. Anymore the room is quiet, with the occasional political post or the intermittent technical post.

I am not really sure why I have stayed. I guess part of me is comfortable here and just cannot get motivated to move on, even though there isn't too much holding me here. At one time I had a good number of friends here (a few of whom I actually met in person), but I have slowly and steadily lost connection with almost all of them. I know it's my fault.

So why am I posting now? I am not really sure, to be honest. I think I am just reminiscing about times past, friends that have sailed for bluer waters and a portion of my life that has slipped through my fingers. *shrug*

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[misc] Still here

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  • I have slowly and steadily lost connection with almost all of them. I know it's my fault.

    Not it's not. Friendships, of the kind that last, are a really really rare thing.

    But, yes, I'm still here too. I still read pretty much daily, I post the occasional comment and if I deem my ranting technical and long enough, it will end up as a journal. That doesn't happen as much as it used to be. Much less readers around than on FB or G+.... but I'm still there and read peoples journals.

    Still baking? I make the

    • Still baking?

      I don't have the time anymore because of the work I do. I have reached a point, though, where I need to consider doing something else (or for someone else) so I have my time with my family again.

  • Happy you're still "around".

    • Thanks. I still am here, and I still read most of your frequent posts (though sometimes I don't quite understand what you post). I have been meaning to ask you: how in the world do you find the stuff you post (in particular the links)? Sometimes you post things that really startle me and I can't figure out if you're on some mailing list or if you just know where to find stuff...

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