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The Almighty Buck

Journal epSos-de's Journal: Money is a great bubble of hour time.

Money is a great bubble of hour time.

I have looked at it 6 month after they started, but never believed that the early investors would convince enough people to invest into it. Yes, I do regret that I did not buy, but feel cleaner to stay out of the scam that will bring unequal money-access to the masses of people who never bothered to understand monetary dynamics.

It will be horrible, when people buy 1 Money for 100 dollars and find themselves broke after no one wants or can afford to invest anymore.

Yes, Money works and is safe for 1 day, but the build-in injustice into the value of it is just not as clean as AUD, EURO or even USD. It is very bad that the future investors will have very unequal access to Moneys that are supposed to be good for daily business.

Moneys have wealth, age and information in-equality build-into them. It is going to be in the history records for a massive delusion that the very smart people participated in.

I feel very sad that the gaming industry is participating in this, because they help to give more credit to Money. They should at least fork the open source code of Money and create one of their own, but with a more softer algorithm of deflation and monetary supply.

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Bitcoins have wealth, age and information in-equality build-into them.

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