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Journal Quixote's Journal: Anonymity at Slashdot 2

I just found something interesting. I had posted a cheapshot as an AC on a thread. Later, I got moderation points; and when I moderate, I browse at level 0. To my utter surprise, I saw that the comment I posted as AC did not have the moderation dropdown box; the other posts did. This leads me to believe that somewhere at /., they keep your ID attached to AC postings.

I wonder what would happen in case of a subpoena or other such judicial order?

So, word to the wise: please be careful when you post something as AC, because it is most definitely not anonymous.

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Anonymity at Slashdot

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  • by GigsVT ( 208848 )
    Also, if you post in a thread as AC when you already have mod points, you can't mod in the thread at all from then on out, unless something has changed recently.
    • I got the mod points after I had posted, so I was able to mod other posts in the same thread. It could be that had I posted anonymously after getting the mod points I might not have been able to.

      In any case: word to the wise. I used to post <ahem> politically incorrect stuff as AC, but now I'm wiser. :-)

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