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Journal ebbomega's Journal: How many flavours do _YOU_ have in your room?

Alright. So I've been settling down with my computers lately. Debian is running perfectly on my router and I've been getting minimal problems thus far. I figure if I'm going to get any decent version of Debian then I probably need to get sid or some other unstable distro in order to get any decent updated stuff... so basically leave it at: Debian's main problem for me now is its stable tree is pretty bad for updating. Unstable would be cool but I'd much rather not bother with it.

In the meantime I've been playing with Drake 9.1.... beautiful distro if you ask me. I haven't had a single crash on this machine yet. And I mean on _ANYTHING_. I had a bit of trouble getting TuxNES to work, but I'll worry about that later (When I actually get my joypad hooked up to this baby and start using it.)

I like Mandrake. Mandrake si teh rox0r. Now I need to get a job and start paying for it.

Moving on, I've recently decided that I'd like to start hooking up decent UNIX machines of different varieties just so I can get the hang of the different flavours and maybe understand a thing or two more about UNIX in general and broaden what I already know about Linux.

So I tried to install FreeBSD on my laptop that is currently running a dual boot with Linux and the Win98 that came with it (I only really use that for running Impulse Tracker because DosEmu does weird things with visual stuff and SoundTracker for Linux does _not_ work too well... so I have a slight dependency on DOS. But I'm still technically not Windows Dependent. *sigh* About time for me to get an Amiga to play with if you ask me). It failed, but I think I can probably give it another whirl. I ultimately want to get it running so that I can then go on to other UNIX varieties. I have a Personal Iris I intend on running IRIX on, and another laptop on its way that I'm going to set aside as the OpenBSD guinea pig.

I'm unfortunately bound though to a Serial-based administering of the IRIX on the Iris, and I'm lacking the necessary AUI Ethernet capabilities that I'm going to need to get it on the net. In the meantime, though, I'm going to keep busy with trying to figure out if IRIX is on there or if I need to somehow get a cracked copy or something like that.

I wonder how pleased SGI would be to send me some archaic version of IRIX that'll install on a Personal Iris....

Anyways. Once I figure out all that I need to for this box I'll get Openssh on her, and hopefully then just run it entirely remotely.

In the meantime I think I'm gonna focus on this FreeBSD series of headaches (wee PCMCIA incompatibility... trying to do a floppy boot no less...).

So, once I get my second laptop and get all my OS's up and running, I'm gonna have Debian, Mandrake, IRIX, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

After that, who knows. Sparcstation, maybe. Then I'll save up for a G4 and get OSX.

Christ, I'm going Unix-happy. Soon I'm gonna be an old man passing out change saying to people "Here kid. Go get yourself a real operating system"


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How many flavours do _YOU_ have in your room?

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