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Journal claudia's Journal: A Little Experiment 2

Today, I conducted a mistaken, misguided anthropological experiment (to put it in it's best light).

I no longer have a job to go to, but that's an aside. Suffice it to say, my job, the last software engineering position, was outsourced to India without even a pilot test.

Now, normally I'm a rabid news junkie -- not only of the online variety but cable as well. The only other thing I'm fanatical about watching is The Food Network. That's usually all I watch (but I'm not anti-television by any means).

But, dammit, today, I got lazy. I was working on the resume, watching CNN, fiddling with taxes, reading The Agonist, wearing my sweats still at noon without having yet taken a shower, petting the cats, and opening the refrigerator door every few hours thinking there might be something new and yummy in there for me.

That should have been an omen. Hindsight, and all that.

I got bored and restless and started flipping channels on the remote. Well, before that, I had a glass of wine which I usually don't do during the daytime (too often).

I flip and stay on this channel I've never really watched -- Lifetime. I'm a curious type, but, good god, it's the Spanish Inquisition televised with advertisements. Sadly to say, I watched a whole movie.

The commercials, however, were the worst.

Everything frightening you could imagine happening to you as a woman was shown -- sleeping in bed at night and a strange man taking a knife to your throat (and this was a commercial!).
They're making money off of this crap.

I've taken to calling it the Victimized Women's Channel. In their eyes, the world is all about being a victim well, because, you're born a woman and no one is ever going to treat you right so sit down and watch how other women are being victimized because you might feel better.

What horse-fucking-shit.

What did I do afterwards? I took a shower and out of the corner of my eye, noticed my Origins Foot Scrub. Now, this is stuff you use to rub the callouses off your feet -- you know the hardened ones on your heel or big toe. I took it and practically used the whole tube on my body. Afterwards, I still felt defiled. I have an urge to run to Walgreens and buy boxes and boxes of Biore pore cleanser and plaster those little suckers all over my body. I want all that
Lifetime crap sucked out of me.

Anyway, just a hint for the unemployed. If you're gonna watch Lifetime -- make sure you have lots of scrub and soap and loofahs around.

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A Little Experiment

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