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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: So is he a good guy or a bad guy? 8

Daughter's grades too low, dad pulls AK-47, charges say. Two B's instead of straight A's, and dad pulls the AK-47 on the daughter. Thankfully, he did not pull the trigger (he claims it was not loaded at the time).

Before you make an allegation that she could not defend herself in the frozen socialist hellhole known as Minnesota, I will point out to you that they passed concealed carry several years ago; and we're talking about a 15 year old girl who is not old enough to purchase a handgun regardless.
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So is he a good guy or a bad guy?

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  • We need to ban Dianne Feinstein [].
    • Is that really the best non-sequitur you can come up with for this? Come on, you could have opted to talk about cars being deadly, or gone off on how Bloomberg banned the super-sized soda from NYC, or talked about how much Obama's last trip to Hawaii cost (to set up a few easy ones for you). Hell you could have even talked about Hillary Clinton's hair. What you brought up doesn't follow in any meaningful way, but it isn't far enough away to be adequately nutty either.

      You can do better!

      Also, congrat
      • How is it that you feel this a non-sequitur?
        • Well, for starters, there's at least a half-dozen references to kitchen utensils. WTF is with that? These people don't like her cooking...?

          I also see a plethora of icons of the "Lookit me, I can put a toothbrush moustache on a photo of Joe Biden and it looks like Hitler. Proof that Biden is Hitler and that I'm the very personification of wit!" variety. (But wait, I thought Obama was supposed to be Hitler...?)

          Putting a toothbrush moustache on a photo of Mitt Romney or Ron Paul, and offering it up to the worl

          • Oh, well, if it's a point you're after, then here we go: we must drown every idiotic act of a private citizen with an even more idiotic piece of legislation. Haven't you heard of the SCOTUS "Idiocy Supremacy Doctrine"?
            The destruction of this experiment in self government is taking way too long.
        • How is it that you feel this a non-sequitur?

          Because Dianne Feinstein has nothing to do with an unhinged idiot in MN threatening his own family with an AK47, that's why.

          In case my "good guy or bad guy" question was not glaringly obvious I was referring to what the head of the NRA said when he claimed

          The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun

          But here we have a guy who was legally able to own an AK47 and he pulled it on his family in an act that very clearly was not self-defense. Fortunately he didn't pull the trigger, but since he wasn't previously a criminal does that mean he was a "g

          • See my reply to Zontar.
            • See my reply to Zontar.

              Please read the comment that you just attempted to reply to. I was not endorsing government action in this case, which appears to be the claim that you are attempting to make. Your reply to Zontar has nothing to do with what I wrote.

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