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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Blockbuster to close 3/8ths of what few they still have 6

Do you still have a Blockbuster Video near you? Me neither. Apparently they still have ~800 stores across the country. Well, they did, until announcing that they'll be closing 300 of them soon . Obviously, their business plan doesn't work any more (though I feel bad particularly for senior citizens who would in general much prefer to rent in a store than stream online).
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Blockbuster to close 3/8ths of what few they still have

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  • Like Progressivism, the sun has set on its day.
    • If you're referring to progressivism in the US, it peaked in the 30s and has been declining ever since. We just inaugurated the most conservative president in US history for the second time this weekend; unless we somehow get an actual progressive candidate in 2016 (highly unlikely) who is capable of surviving the assault of the right-wing noise machine (even less likely) and winning the presidency (probability so vanishingly close to zero that it cannot be calculated or displayed) you are only about 20 ye
      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        No, Obama's right in the middle of the road. He doesn't just want to take away freedoms conservatives want gone, he wants the freedoms liberals want gone to go away, too.

        I voted for Stein. "Jill" is German for "beer", isn't it? At any rate, both Ds and Rs want me in prison, why would I vote for them? I think I'll move to Colorado when I retire.

        • No, Obama's right in the middle of the road.

          I have to disagree with you on that. I cannot name a single bill that Obama has signed into law that Reagan would not have signed. Being as Reagan is the conservative idol for republicans, he should be a fair benchmark for being right-wing at least, if not far-fight. Considering Obama has not signed a bill that is less conservative than anything that Reagan signed - hell, Obama raised income taxes less often and for less total percentage than Reagan - it is a pretty solid claim to state Obama as being r

        • No, he's not. He *seems* to be a moderate, but in any country but the US, he'd definitely be classed as to the right of centre.

    • ...the sun has set on its day.

      Five more to go... and then it can rest

Thufir's a Harkonnen now.