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Journal AmiMoJo's Journal: Slashdot moderation trolling 24

Take a look at this post:

Is that really a troll? Now take a look at this:

Slashdot has a trolling problem. The moderation system is broken... Maybe not enough people are meta moderating. Maybe it just needs tweaking.

I listed to an interview with CmdrTaco recently where he was talking about the early days of Slashdot. Back then they would manually ban people who moderated badly, and then later introduced metamoderation to do it. So in theory if we meta moderate hard enough it might fix it, but of course there is nothing to stop trolls meta moderating either.

As an aside, I never ever get mod points. Maybe because my karma takes a hit from all the troll mods.

Edit: This statement from an AC sums up the problem:

And you have the gall to say that you care about conservatives when they get silenced? And you don't think you saying this isn't flamebait-y or troll like?

For some people, contradicting their preconceptions is trolling. This AC is telling me what I think, and when I disagree it's flamebait.

And sadly, this AC isn't the first to admit thinking this.

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Slashdot moderation trolling

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  • by jbmartin6 ( 1232050 ) on Thursday January 18, 2018 @10:29AM (#55952513)
    I agree there is a lot of misuse of the troll mod. But, looking at the list you linked, a lot of these *are* troll comments. In my opinion. For example, the first comment I looked at started off by calling the parent a moron and assorted other insults. Then it moved on to some cogent points, true. But the slew of insults at the beginning are totally unnecessary and degrade the conversation. So, in some cases here I think there is some disagreement about the correct use of Troll. There are a lot of other cases here that are actual misuse though.
    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      Bruce Perens' comment? Yeah, I almost didn't include it. Maybe I'll remove it.

      But the vast majority are just innocent comments that happen to disagree with the political narrative that the moderators are trying to enforce. Some people get systematic troll mods on random comments, including myself.

      • Yeah, it seems like you have a mod stalker. Maybe a tweak might be inducing more meta-moderation for Troll et al.
        • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

          I removed that comment and replaced it with another of Bruce's that was unfairly targeted. Actually there are a lot of similarly censored comments on any thread about Damore.

          Damore stories are the worst for this kind of abuse.

          • by Anonymous Coward

            Damore stories are the worst for this kind of abuse.

            You mean social justice. What is happening to you is just social justice in action, not unlike what Damore went through, or what you (not you specifically, but you certainly are a part of it) dish out to others you don't like.

            Damore has his reputation ruined by anonymous people leaking his memo, just like you having yours ruined by anonymous people down voting.

            Similarly, the social justice crowd, including yourself, cheered and defend companies like twitter or facebook when they silence, ban and generally d

            • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

              What is happening to you is just social justice in action, not unlike what Damore went through, or what you (not you specifically, but you certainly are a part of it) dish out to others you don't like.

              My personal policy is to never down-mod/down-vote. I always post a reply or just ignore it.

              However, I find it interesting that you claim this is social justice. Previously the legendary SJW was portrayed as a hard progressive and leftist, but now it seems that you are saying there are also many conservative/alt-right SJWs as well.

              Also, just to correct a misconception, I'm not particularly happy about conservative voices being banned or what-not in platforms like Twitter. I'd much prefer that they remained t

  • I haven't seen meta-moderation in over a year, I suspect the functionality was deleted right around the time Slashdot was sold (and/or the "Beta" thing).

    It's too bad, because no one other than Slashdot got that right. If you just let users mod things, then you get partisan bullshit and identity politics. If you vet and only allow reasonable users to mod (as decided by other users), then you do away with a lot of the problems.

    This works mathematically when most people are reasonable and jerks are in the mino

    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      I can metamoderate right now, it never went away for me. In fact there is often a link on the home page, and I am asked to do it after every post.

      Listening to Taco in that interview I think I now understand how the mod trolls do it. Apparently new users are more likely to get mod points, so creating new accounts is an effective way to get them.

      I think the situation could be fixed if the -1 mods only affected karma. IMHO it's always better to post a response or mod a response up than it is to mod something d

  • I agree with your thoughts. Moderation is helpful, but when there's excessive moderation or using the moderation to mold or express one's own opinion it destroys the purpose of moderating. It's kinda simple in a non-simple way... Down-modding marks a user as a subject to be reviewed (the mods they perform and receive). If there is a higher ratio, it should be an automatic lack of moderation points gifted to one. The ones that are using it to back up only their own opinion (molding their idealism I gues

    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      My understanding is that the site staff can do what you suggest. Users can be marked as never getting mod points.

      Any system has to distribute the work load somehow I think. As much as I'd love to dedicate time to moderating I often don't have time.

      Maybe if -1 mods got extra scrutiny... Like they only count of two people use the same one, and if they get meta moderated against it reverses the -1 and stops those people from getting more mod points for a month.

      The idea is to make -1 mods harder to abuse.

      • That's just one piece of the puzzle, but I like your idea... a lot. I'm not a developer or part of the "/. network", so my opinions and views of yours are meaningless... but still. I wouldn't mind being part of "the mind" that thinks of ways to solve major problems, like the /. mod system, getting nothing in return. What I'm getting at is that people like you would be useful, too. Eh, I'm running my mouth again. This isn't gonna go anywhere. :)

        • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

          I guess the other thing is that any system would have to be neutral and allow anyone to participate. If it were just certain people there would be justifiable accusations of bias.

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