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Journal biglig2's Journal: Debian now installed on the stinkpad

Installed. X works without much Gnomicness, but there's Gnome-Terminal that I can just igure out how to load, so it can be used for the moment until I apt-get update etc.

Interesting. The GoldCard doesn't work. lsmod shows pcnet_cs is loading. When I insert the card I get a message that eth0 has had a ne2000 in it. but ifup eth0 says "ignoring unknown interface eth0"

Try ifconfig eth0 and it works. So it's a DHCP issue. running pump manually, and ba-da-bing everything works.

I'll add my d-link as well and try the same trick. BTW, since the module is tulip_cb not tulip_cs, not surprised it didn't work under progeny. ;-) OK, it doesn't like that too much. But the LAN card is working.

vi /etc/apt/sources.list (and for the moment configure to use the normal US addresses)
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get install sawmill mozilla

A little tweak to update-alternatives, and replacing xdm with gdm means I'm running Gnome quite nicely, and in fact am now posting this on slashdot from the stinkPad. Super.

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Debian now installed on the stinkpad

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