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Journal biglig2's Journal: Initial tests with Progeny

I thought it might be helpful to test witha Progeny install first. Learn what I can, then drop back to "real" Debian later.

Install is straightforward and I'm soon running 2.2.18 with gnome. Lights come on on the D-Link but can't ping anything.

This is probably the first thing to get working. Then I can bein to apt-get etc. as I try and get the rest on the go.

The PCMCIA-HOWTO-4 is a useful resource.

First trick is configuring the PCMCIA card database, /etc/pcmcia/config, to recognize the D-Link.

cardctl ident tells me the manufacturing ID codes the card presents to the PC. I know (thanks to an old Mandrake install where this actually worked) that the D-Link is really a tulip_cs. So, add some lines saying:

card "D-Link DFE-680TXD"
            manfid 0x13d1, 0xab02
            bind "tulip_cs"

kill -HUP cardmanager to reboot it.

Not much cop... Hmmm. pcmcia_core is loading, but not tulip_cs.
Ah, modprobe tulip_cs sas it can't find it. says the driver is in v3.1.25 of the PCMCIA package. Debian stable and testing use 3.1.22-0.2potato while unstable is at 3.1.29-4. Hmmm.

At this point I'm inclined to switch to real Debian now. There's no value add from Progeny, especially now it is not even something Progeny suggest you use ;-)

time for a re-install. Woo hoo.

This one I will do with both the D-Link and the Psion GoldCard, so I cna at least get some apt-get on the go. Since tulip_cs and so on didn't seem to be installed. Later.

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Initial tests with Progeny

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