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Journal mcgrew's Journal: If I wanted to be nagged I'd get married... 2

Once again I'm reminded of one of that horrible, shitty operating system's shortcomings. If I were sober and not so damned tired I'd install Linux on this sucker right now.

I've had a shitty day. I spent $140 on a fifteen year old cat this afternoon; she had an ingrown nail and I had to take her to the vet. She's on amoxicillin (why in the hell isn't that in FireFox's shitty def file? Had to look the spelling up on Google... shit, "firefox" isn't even on the list) and the poor kitty is stoned to the gills on morphine. She had the thirty dollar bandage off in four hours. So I'm NOT in a good mood. Of course, my friend Amy calls in tears because her idiot son went to basic training without seeing her and saying goodbye. Dumb kid'll probably get his ass shot off in Afghanistan, and I'm sure she's worried about that. Why call me? Let her cry on her husband's shoulder.

So I decide to get on the laptop and chill... and there's the daily virus def update notification. So I look, and it's not just defs but patches to fix Windows' shitty buggy worthless piece of shit code. Since I've had a few beers by now I forgot what a goddamned fucking pain in the ass it is to patch this piece of shit OS.

So I'm reading about CBS and C|net's stupidity at the CES on slashdot, trying to get out of my shitty mood and of course, Windows nags me that I need to restart the computer. The Linux box has never asked me to restart it. If it did it would be no problem, forty seconds and it would be restarted and intelligently have everything that was open reopened. Not Microsoft, their programmers aren't good enough coders to pull it off, I guess.

If I worked for Microsoft and someone asked me what I did for a living, I'd lie and say I sold dope and peddled hookers, that's a far less embarrassing line of work.

Doesn't MS care about their customers? Of course they do. The problem is, I'm not their customer -- Acer is. They have no reason at all to care about user experience, it's all about the OEMs and enterprise customers. Fuck the user, the user doesn't matter.

Of course, by morning I'll realize I'm too busy to screw with it. I have to help Leila get her notebook (I bought both daughters computers just like this one) back online. Their router bit the dust, they got a new one, and Windows of course tries to use their old password, and just stupidly fails when it can't connect, rather than opening a password dialog. I tried to talk her through it over the phone but she was way too upset with Microsoft to listen.

God damned Microsoft, are all their developers on crack? I wish those stupid fucktards would get their act together. But I'm sure hell will freeze over first.

Shit, now the battery's dying! What a shitty day...

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If I wanted to be nagged I'd get married...

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  • So several years ago, I switched jobs to go from primarily Unix and Linux administration to Windows administration. It was a painful transition to say the least. In preparation, I purchased a new computer with a Vista system so that I could have daily practice with something in the new ecosystem I needed to get intimate with. It was a good decision because I learned a lot about how to deal with the pain that working with Windows that I wouldn't have learned unless I forced myself. Eventually though, I misse

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      Agreed, I've had most of my computers dual-boot ever since I discovered Mandrake about ten years ago. When I do put Linux on this machine it will be dual boot, just in case I run across a program I need that won't run in 'nix (EAC is one).

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