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Journal karniv0re's Journal: Drooling Idiot

Well, it's 2013, the start of a new year. It's probably a little late to do a year-in-review, but why not.

What I accomplished in 2012:

    * Went to L.A. to demo some software that that I was writing
    * The software was nowhere near done two months prior
    * Got it done and had a successful demo
    * Became way more confident as a developer
    * Dropped 15 lbs and got down to 17% body fat
    * Went to Vegas for a friend's bachelor party
    * Drank a bottle of Glenlivet on the casino while winning at blackjack
    * Ran a Warrior Dash hungover in a pair of chucks
    * Came in 20th out of 400
    * Added 5 girls to my list in the first 5 months of the year
    * Started dating the last one and have been since
    * Put 15 lbs back on because I started dating her
    * Went to my 6th Fest
    * Declared it my last Fest
    * Got more into metal
    * Went to Barge to Hell, the World's Most Extreme Metal Cruise - Miami -> Nassau -> Miami
    * Started contributing to my first real open source project

All in all, a pretty successful year. The world didn't end. It turned out pretty well. I'm happy with it.

On to an even better 2013!

Starting with Drools. I'm trying to figure out how Drools is going to fit into my next project.

I have a sizable rules engine to implement and I think it's just too ugly for switch/case or if/else. Plus, I know as certain as death and taxes, the rules will change. Rather than changing code, I'd prefer to change rules as they're given to me. But as with anything worth doing, I'm running into problems.

There's apparently some good plugins for Eclipse, but I'm still on Ganymede. I know I should at least bump up to Indigo, but I have everything working perfectly and don't want to fuck it up. Juno is just complete garbage. I can't even describe my problems because they're so weird and flaky. For one, I get a blank view, in addition to all my other views. There's nothing in it. And I can't remove it. I can minimize it, but I can't get rid of it. Then, sometimes views will just appear on top of other views. It isn't stuck in a grid at all, just sitting there on top of other views. When I go into debug mode, I don't get my code view. That right there renders it worthless to me.

It looks like they've made some major changes in the UI and it appears to be very buggy. I really hope they come out with a fix for this nonsense.

I might try upgrading to Indigo I guess. I'm using it at home and it works fine. I just remember having a hell of a time setting up all my work-specific plugins and JRebel here so when I got it working, I just didn't touch it anymore. I guess I'm getting a new machine here in a few weeks, so I should embrace the change. Especially before I get hot and heavy on this new project.

I think Drools is going to be a pain to learn, but I think once I do, I'll have that under my belt and it'll come in handy in the future.

But anyway. Time to get started on this bitch.

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Drooling Idiot

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