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Journal Boo Robin's Journal: Raiding; a pain in the ass

Recently, Maelstrom tried to raid a planet in 23k. We had big ships and the power to bust these planets open. One problem, EMP. The new version of the game is heavy on EMP. Which basically means you aren't likely going to fire at all at the planet. So this made our raid very difficult. This is when the leadership opted to power drain. Making the planet into a shield ball. After 80 shots, the planet didn't run out of power. And one of our raiders was running out of turns. So we left that and raided a station in the same sector. I was flying cover and triggered on most of the kills. I only got 1/8 kills. Oh well, it is the teamwork that counts.

A day after the raids, I sold my carrier and bought a freighter. Now I'm leveling my pilot and hopefully in a few weeks, I will be ready to jump back into a war-bird. And hopefully by then we will have more planets. And we better do this quickly since the round will finish July 15. So far it has been a fun round, but we need to go out with a bang. I just hope the galaxy is ready for us when we get into war-birds. It will be one hell of fun time.


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Raiding; a pain in the ass

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