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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Why Republicans MUST go off the "cliff" 3

I've been laughing about this all month, people really expected a deal. Two words explain why a pre-2013 deal is impossible: Grover Norquist. A quarter century ago when federal taxes were quite a bit higher than the present "lower than ever in your lifetime" tax rates, he convinces a very large number of Republicans to swear to never raise taxes. If they make a deal with the Democrats now, they've gone back on their word.

However, next Wednesday taxes go up all by themselves. Making a deal now means they're raising taxes, while waiting until next week lets them campaign on "I lowered your taxes!!!"

Don't expect a deal before Wednesday. Expect one two or three weeks later.

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Why Republicans MUST go off the "cliff"

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  • I expect a deal will come about sooner than the time frame you suggest, as the most conservative president we've had in many decades will continue to tack further to the right. We're not far from seeing a huge cut in federal science and education spending with the way he is going.

    Hopefully I can find a job in Canada or Australia.
  • Disaster will be averted once more! And new "crises" will spring up like dandelions in an early spring. Keep the nation in a constant state of panic. This is how we feed ourselves now.

  • Enough Republicans have already broken with Norquist to pass a deal. The fix is already in; the only wrangling is over how the two parties will try and butcher the baby in such a fashion that neither takes all the blame. Obama and now Pelosi are all for cuts to Social Security, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with the deficit.

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