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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: The Hobbit (Spoilers) 4

I went with my family to see the Hobbit this afternoon. We all liked it quite a bit.

There were some points where the film diverged from the book and I really didn't understand the choice. Why is it better that Frodo falls early on fighting an orc rather than being knocked off a dwarves shoulders? Although now that I think about it - maybe it was so that he wasn't in the rather spectacular escape scene from the mountain. Couldn't have had him on someone's shoulders through that. I would have enjoyed it if the dwarves had had hoods and all been properly introduced. Though the two reviews I read said the film starts too slowly so I guess they would have really hated that. My 9 year old said those reviewers were wrong. Apparently he has a longer attention span than they do.
The added depth to some of the characters is nice and I find myself really looking forward to the necromancer story line. I would have enjoyed Saruman having a more positive role though. Radagast was amazing though the bird poop on the face was rather disgusting.
I did not see it in 3d or with the high frame rate. As it was we couldn't find one in the original setup either. We watched it with the original soundtrack but Hungarian subtitles. This is fine, though anything said by elves or orcs that wasn't in English - we didn't get to see translated. My kids were a bit miffed about that. I told them to be happy they got to see it at all and that at least it was better than if it were only being shown dubbed. I like going to the theater here. When you buy a ticket you buy it for a specific seat. No sitting in a theater for 45 minutes watching commercials. It is fine to show up right before the film starts.
I'm looking forward to the next films. I'm really looking forward to Smaug. I like Dragons. I've been re-reading the Pern books in chronological order. I'm a sucker for big flying lizards whether they are good, evil or indifferent.
Well I thought I've had more to say - but I'm tired. It's late. I'm going to surf a bit more and then go to bed. Maybe I'll think of more and post it later or if you want to talk about the movie - comment below.

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The Hobbit (Spoilers)

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  • I likened Saruman to an officious bureaucrat in this one. Or perhaps the idiot sergeant in so many cop movies. You and I know the back story and what is really going on with him, but I'm hoping that someone who views the entire Hobbit + LOTR story in order sees it this way.

    I've seen it with and without 48fps. I preferred the latter. Many will not. I felt it made shaky cam and muddy fights watchable. I would be surprised if enough movies get made in it to work around the stigma it seems to have built up alre

    • At times the backgrounds were really blurry and the quick motion was hard to follow and I wondered if it were a product of our watching with the lower frame rate and/or the lack of 3d. I doubt I'll see it either way in a theater to be able to compare. Maybe the next film.

  • When they said The Hobbit was going to be 2 films I didn't mind too much, seeing as that would be hard in the current climate not to do that, and besides, Jackson's a decent director.

    But once they announced 3 films, I just totally switched off. Once they're on tv or whatever I might watch 'em, but I just don't have the energy or time for this bloated wankfest.

    Shame, really. I always liked The Hobbit way more than LOTR, and was initially quite excited for this.
    • I had the same reaction - but so far it's turned out better than I feared.

      It is a decent chunk of time for the film though I don't consider the fact that there are 3 to matter from a time perspective. I'd have gone to some movie or movies next year, now the 2nd Hobbit movie will be one. Same for the year after that.

      But I don't think any of this is life changing or of some greater/deeper value - so it's not like skipping them is a big deal.

      It's funny because movies have followed books. They want to break the

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